Kelly Scott Unger for District 87
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Kelly Scott Unger

candidata para la Camara de Representantes en el Distrito 87Candidate for ARkansas House of Representatives District 87

Hola! Soy una esposa y una madre de Siloam Springs. Amo a vivir aqui y aprecio mucho esta comunidad.   Mi pasion es por todo lo que Arkanasas es y por lo que puede ser, y por esta razon es porque estoy tan entusiasmada para ser candidata para la Camara de Representantes.  Quiero priorizar nuestro sistema de educacion publica, crear acceso asequible para seguro medico para todos los residentes de Arkansas, y reformar nuestro sistema de justicia criminal para utilizar los dolares de contribuyentes con mas eficaz mientras capacitamos a todos los que estan interactuando dentro del sistema para tener las mejores oportunidades.

Mientras asistia la Universidad de Arkansas (#WPS), estudiaba como las politica legislativas impactaban a la agricultura de Arkansas.  La agricultura es una industria muy importante en nuestro estado y tiene un impacto enormo sobre todo nosotros. Despues de graduarme, fui a estudiar leyes porque me apasionaba servir a Arkansas.  Mi pasion y mi deseo para servir la comunidad me llevo a convertirme en abogada para el estado en el condado de Washington. Manejaba todos tipos de casos criminales que me inspiraban a profundizar mi conocimiento al sistema de justicia criminal y asesorar donde se puede mejorar.

An opportunity to enhance my multi-stakeholder skills, something so important for state legislation, led me to work for The Sustainability Consortium at the University of Arkansas. While at The Consortium, I worked closely with universities, corporations, government entities, and nonprofits to create more sustainable products in our marketplace. I was proud to see this work happening in my home state and proud to be a part of it. Currently, I work for Simmons Pet Food in Siloam Springs where I manage government relationships and trade affairs, both within the US and outside of the US.  

I am married to John W Unger III, middle school principal, senior high basketball coach and athletic director of Decatur School District.  I am so proud of his dedication to his students and his school.   My two daughters are my world. My oldest, Rose, is a kindergartner at Siloam Springs Northside Elementary.  Lena Joan is three and eagerly awaiting her turn for kindergarten.  Education has always been important to me, but becoming a mom made me realize just how important it is that we prioritize education in Arkansas.

Hot Rod and Bullet , my fur babies, can’t go without mentioning. Hot Rod is the greatest running dog ever and has helped me train for over 15 marathons and half-marathons. Bullet, my late dad's dog, has the sweetest face you have ever seen and is a constant reminder to enjoy life.

You can find me and my family, except for maybe the dogs, on Sunday mornings at Grace Episcopal in Siloam Springs. We also love being on the lake together and taking advantage of the trail systems across NW Arkansas!  Random facts about myself - I am a former competitive water skier and teach body combat once a week!  

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or issues important to you and your family.  I want to represent you - the voter and citizen of District 87 and would love to hear from you.



“As a mom and member of a growing part of Northwest Arkansas, I want to be a positive voice for the people of District 87 in the state legislature.  I’m confident I can truly listen to people and carry their voice to Little Rock. I want to work with all members of the legislature, regardless of party, to serve District 87.”  - Kelly Scott Unger